Meet the Team Development and Design

¡The "Facility Management" constitutes an important economic sector in European countries, with a significant occupational relevance, for new and old professionals and enterprises with updated and specialized  competences. To satisfy the demand for services and products, European facility manager operators offers concrete and expanding job opportunities to a large number of people, in a very diversified range of activities and qualifications across European countries and regions. It would be an effective work to go  deeper into the cross - border competences (of the several  professionals involved)  of the supply chain with special focus on "no core"   integrated health care logistics. We intend for "no core" services and integrated health care logistics  those activities and services  that are not strictly health care interventions, but essential for them.. Qualifications are often not clearly defined in terms of learning outcomes but also frequently regulated, in terms of access to the training and qualification opportunities, in a way that, in fact, is very limiting as regards mobility beyond the VET systems borders (confines of national/regional VET systems, barriers to the mobility within a particular VET system; obstacles to mobility outside the formal education).
¡The concrete implementation and use of the ECVET principles allows, as demonstrated by several previous LdVToI and DoI project (cfr., Highlight the Competences, Certified VET Safety Trainers, etc.) that transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications can be ensured beyond these VET systems borders. Thus, this project aims to put in transparency and recognise the learning outcomes characterizing facility management  professions, applying and implementing European tools and frameworks EQF and ECVET, through the preparation, organization and ensuring of transfer of methods, guidelines and associated tools aiming at the implementation and use of ECVET principles experimented within the LdVToI and DoI project which have concretely started the ECVET process.
¡The project intervention should include: the design of qualifications in units of learning outcomes; the development and transfer of units of learning outcomes dealing with international working skills; the transfer and integration of these units in recognized qualifications in initial and further training; the allocation of ECVET points to units and qualifications; the associated procedures for assessment, transfer, validation and accumulation of learning outcomes achieved in formal, informal and non-formal contexts; the development of operational partnerships, including Memoranda of Understanding, learning agreements, personal transcripts.
¡In terms of impact, It's expected that these activities will enhance the mobility of these professional.

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