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This is a program of the European Commission focused on the needs of education and training of all those involved in education and training.

Working Meetings

This days of working is dedicated to control and organization of the project to ensure the quality and feasibility of the project.

EU Added Value

The proposal offers a significant European added value in terms of European mobility impact through its ECVET perspective. In fact, the main purpose of the implementation of the ECVET process is to allow an easier mobility of workers and learners not only beyond the system buy azithromycin confines constituted by the barriers to the mobility within a particular educational system (i.e. the obstacles to both vertical and horizontal permeability between the parts of the system, and in particular between higher education and professional training in each levitra generic European Country) and the obstacles to workers outside the educational system (taking into consideration also the results of informal education, including learning on the job, and thus it can guarantee that it be recognised, if it is regulated by national/regional laws), but also and in particular beyond the confines of national vocational education levitra generic and training systems (the workers who have spent training periods in another European country must have the opportunity to have them recognized as part of their training also in their own country).

The ECVET perspective, needing an European-level approach, allow this possibility, not reachable only at Regional or National level.

The European cooperation enhanced by the project, with the significant participation of enterprises and non profit associations operating in the field of logistic and supply chain in the no core business related to the health care system, and also of public institutions having legislative competence on health care and on VET and organisations specialised in VET matter with specific know how on transparency and recognition of competences and qualifications and in LLP projects too, will also give visible benefits in terms of effective generalisation / customisation of results at European level.

  • Security, transparency and recognition +

    The project aims to apply the principles of the European system of qualifications for lifelong learning (EQF) and the credit for the instruction and training (ECVET), and define and formalize the specific learning outcomes, in order to allow the acquisition , assessment, accreditation and certification thereof in all territories, sectors and
  • Value Beyond the borders +

    Practical application of the principles of ECVET allows, as demonstrated by previous projects LdV program (cf., Highlight the Competences, Certified VET Safety Trainers, ...), Ensure transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications more beyond the aforementioned borders.
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